“Tyson’s work was so timely and spot on with our creative briefs that it caused us to step up to keep up with him! Our game is consistently complimented on the quality of our original tracks composed by Tyson. We have worked with many contractors that you have to regularly pursue and ask for updates and chase them down for the work, but Tyson is not one of them!”
"Tyson was great to work with, and met all of our deadlines, even the super rushed ones, with time left to make adjustments if needed. He was always prompt with responses to our requests. Other than being great to work with, his quality of work was also awesome, and it fit our themes and vision for the levels perfectly. I will definitely be keeping him in mind for the next time I need original music for a project!"
Michael Butler
Game Producer & Developer
"We chose Tyson over the other composers that auditioned because his music fit with the tone of our game very well and was intricate enough to show that he could make a layered and complicated piece for our needs."
Dhaman Mehta
Game Developer
"Tyson's music fit the theme and atmosphere of my game really well and enhanced the playing experience. Tyson is responsive and easy to work with."
Aaron Reiner
Game Developer

Even more than playing games, I love to be a part of telling the story of the game. As a kid I spent plenty of time playing games like Megaman and Contra on my NES. When I was twelve I saved up what seemed like a small fortune and pre ordered FFVII, which was my exciting introduction into the world of RPG’s.

As a teenager I continued to play games. I loved scrolling shooters like Einhander, fighting games like Tekken, platformers like Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and of course RPG’s! Despite the time and attention I gave these games, I started spending more and more time dreaming up worlds, landscapes, levels, characters and battles and composing music for those games and scenes in my head. I began submitting my compositions and getting pieces performed. I then went to music school and learned how to better compose and produce music for video games and other media.

Now, that is what I do! I use music to help developers tell their stories and draw players into their games. I would love to hear about your game project and talk about the possibility of collaborating together!


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